Float ball water tank control valve
Float ball water tank control valve



Valve Introduction

Water tank float control valve

Structure: Floating valve is made up of water control main valve and float lead valve. when water level drops, floaters move down, lead valve is opened, and main valve will be closed.



1 Main valve and lead valve are installed seperately, easy to maintain.
2 The main fault of floating valve is the float lead valve problem. Double valves design will reduce the probability of lead valve problem.
3 The requirement of water quality is not high, a small amount of impurity in water will not affect the working of valve.

Operating principle of safety valve

1 The function of safety valve: Safety valve is installed in the main pipe line. When pressure in pipe line is higher than design pressure. Safety valve will open and discharge pressure. Safety valve have the features of fast opening and slow closing to prevent pipe line from serious overpressure and water hammer problem.

2 Structure of safety valve: safety valve is made up of safety auxiliary valve and water control main valve. Safety auxiliary valve also has a control chamber. Drive the central axis by diaphragm, disc move up and down to open and close valve. Adjust screw is placed on the top to adjust spring. Throttle adjust pin on the bottom to adjust the speed of auxiliary valve opening and closing.

3. Working principle: if the inlet water pressure is less than design pressure, the pressure from inlet water is less than spring force. diaphragm move down, valve closed.

When water inlet pressure is higher than spring force, diaphragm will move up, valve open.