HQ44X/HQ45X Micro-rseistance ball type check valve
HQ44X/HQ45X Micro-rseistance ball type check valve

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Brief Introduction

HQ44X, HQ55X series non wear ball check valve is composed by the valve body, ball and baffle and other components, rubber coated is used as valve disc, under the medium pressure, it will move up and down, right and left in slipway inside the valve body to open or close the valve, muffler closed, does not produce water hammer, sealing performance is good, head loss is small. can be installed horizontally or vertically. The internal flow channel adopts streamline design, the pressure loss is small, the valve opening and closing stroke is very short, the pump can be shut down quickly, to prevent a huge water hammer sound. The valve is mainly used for water supply, drainage, fire, HVAC system can be installed at the pump outlet to prevent the medium backflow and water hammer damage to the pump.

Micro-resistance ball type check valve's disc is a ball coated with rubber and dependant on the line pressure the ball can roll in the chute in the body to open or close the valve without any noise and water-hammering and with good sealing capability.The flow rate is much with little resisting force and little pressure loss.It can be installed vertically or horizontally and widely used at the outlet of pump in cold water's,hot water's,industry's and sewage's pipeline system.


Nominal Pressure

1.0-2.5 MPa

Nominal Diameter


Suitable Media


Suitable Temperature


Test Standard

GB/T 13927-1992

Main Material

Valve Body


Gray Cast iron HT200,

Ductile Iron QT400-18,

Cast Steel WCB,

WCB vulcanized with NBR