WCB Flange Venting Throttle Globe Valve
WCB Flange Venting Throttle Globe Valve



Valve Introduction

WCB Flange Venting Throttle Globe Valve

The throttle globe valve is widely used in oil, natural gas, gas, petroleum liquefied petroleum gas and oil refining, airport, chemical, oil and gas storage, etc

The throttle globe valve adopts double seal {hard and soft sealing to make the sealing reliable and hard alloy sealing surface more durable airflow and wear, and double seal can be used in high pressure gas lift strip.
The seal of the seat is sealed with a taper.It is helpful for the valve itself to clean the dirt attached to the sealing surface.
Balance holes are set in the disc of the throttle globe valve.

Piston seal ensures stable operation under pressure differential. Open light, flexible and open torque.
Throttling and double-acting throttle globe valves have both throttling and cut-off (sealing zero leakage). The throttle part is separated from the sealing surface to reduce the flow of airflow to the seal.

Nominal Diameter
DN25mm - DN250mm
Nominal Pressure
1.6 MPa~16 Mpa
Design Standard
Flange Standard
Face to Face
Pressure Testing
GB/T13927-1992; JB/T9092-1999
Water, Steam, Oil, etc.

Dimension (Connection Size)