PE End Welded Ball Valve
PE End Welded Ball Valve

Item specifics

Ball Valve
Carbon Steel
Port Size:
Flange, Thread, Butt Weld, Socket Weld



Brief Introduction

PE end Welded body ball valve is a ball valve with welded steel body and the connection pipe is made of PE. Surface painting is imported anti-corrosive painting, anti-corrosive life can be 30 years.
Compared to PE valve, this valve will not transform or damaged in long-time working, service life is long.


1. Without leakage
Valve body is fully welded, without external leakage point, the only position which may leak is the rotate position of valve stem, and gas welded body ball valve stem could adopts triple sealing to ensure no leakage, with high safety and reliability. 
2. Long structure, suitable for end welding, installation is safe and reliable
Compared to regular welded body valve, underground welded body ball valve face to face length us much longer, to ensure the on site end welding heating will not damage the valve inside sealing component.
3. Easy to install, installation cost is low
Gas underground welded body ball valve is designed with compact body, volume is small, easy to install, No need large manhole and valve room. Operating staff no need to orate underground. Installation cost is small, easy to operate.