DT343H Water system stainless steel Eccentric Elastic Metal Seal Flanged Butterfly Valve

Group Butterfly valve
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2017-06-12
Item specifics
Nominal DiameterDN50-2000
Nominal Pressure0.6-4.0MPa
Design StandardGB/T12238-1989
Structure LengthGB/T12221-2005
Pressure TestGB/T13927-1992, JB/T9092-1999
Suitable MediumAir, water, sewage, steam, gas, oil and so on
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Elastic metal seal butterfly valve has a "U" type stainless steel seal ring, the precision elastic seal ring and polished disc three-dimensional eccentric contacted.

It solves the shortcomings of traditional eccentric butterfly valve sealing surface is still in sliding contact friction when the butterfly valve opens or closes in the range of 0 ° to 10 °.
The sealing surface is separated at the moment of disc opening, and seals when closure.  Therefore, it is widely applied to metallurgical, power, petroleum, chemical, air, gas, combustible gas and water supply and drainage and other corrosive media pipeline with temperature ≤550℃. it is the best device to adjust flow and cut off medium. main feature:

1, butterfly valve structure is simple, compact, light weight, easy to install and disassemble, easy maintenance;
2, butterfly valve with stainless steel "U" -ring, with a certain degree of flexibility Whether in the case of high temperature, low temperature, it has excellent sealing with the butterfly valve disc;
3, the eccentricity of the butterfly valve is adopted after strict calculation, "U" -type ring and butterfly valve disc almost have no friction. Long service life.
4, butterfly disc sealing surface uses cobalt-based hard alloy, sealing surface has the feature of wear resistance, long service life;
5, butterfly valve structure is unique. Opening and closing can be done by rotate stem at 90 °. Flexible operation, will not be affected by medium pressure, sealing is reliable.
6 has the features of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance


Nominal Diameter


Nominal Pressure


Design Standard


Structure Length


Pressure Test Standard

GB/T13927-1992, GB/T9092-1999

Suitable Medium

Air, water, sewage, steam, gas, oil and so on


Manual,worm gear,pneumatic,electric





Cast steel, stainless steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, alloy steel


Cast steel, stainless steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, alloy steel

Seal Ring

Stainless steel, chromium-molybdenum steel, alloy steel


45# steel, 2Cr13, 1Cr13, chromium-molybdenum steel


Flexible graphite

Triple Eccentric