DT641W Pneumatic Flange Ventilation butterfly valve
DT641W Pneumatic Flange Ventilation butterfly valve

Item specifics

Nominal Diameter
Nominal Pressure
0.05/ 0.25/ 0.6MPa




Ventilation butterfly valve is welded by steel sheet, with features of short structural size, light weight, easy to installation and so on. The valve drive torque is small, easy to pen and close, easy to operate. The valve body is provided with an oil-sealed retainer ring, and the seal pair has no visible gap, and the leak rate is small. Expansion gap between disc and valve body is big, can effectively prevent stuck phenomenon caused by heat expansion and cold contraction. The valve can be equipped with a variety of actuators, such as manual, worm gear, pneumatic, electric. Ventilation butterfly valve is widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, power, building materials, mining and other industrial pipelines, to control or adjust the medium air. Applicable medium: gas, dust gas, flue gas and so on.