Plum type male flexible conduit connector - Aluminum
Plum type male flexible conduit connector - Aluminum

Item specifics

Fitting Type
Electrical flexible conduit connector
Waterproof, protect wire safety
Surface treated
Chrome or nickel pated for a smoother surface
6 mm to 150mm or 5/16 inch to 6 inch



Plum MPJ aluminum male type flexible conduit connector


NamePlum MPJ aluminum male type flexible conduit connector
PropertyWaterproof,protect wire safety
TypePlum type pipe connector
Key wordsSeal tight pipe fitting, liquid-tight pipe fitting,watertight pipe fitting, watertight pipe fitting, insulated seal tight pipe fitting, insulated liquid-tight pipe fitting.


CONNECTOR Special part:  

Equal Male Flexible Pipe fitting is made of high quality zinc alloy coation iron. The surface has been galvanized and chrome plated. Special treatment could be made upon special requirements.

Equal Male Flexible Hose Connector have a beautiful appearance, tense structure, no air bubble, high intensity. Flexible hose connector joins the flexible conduit and steel pipe. It has good performance including better sealant, anti shock, anti corrosion, waterproof, and dustproof. The size can be adapted according to the requipment, case body, steel pipe, the diameter flexible conduit and thread. Oen end connects to the flexible conduit or steel pipe at one end and toe outer thread connection switching box, motor and shelved at the other end. 

Please mark the specification of flexible conduit and the size of thread when placing the order. 

e.g.: DPJ15-G1/2" connects to dia 5 flexible conduit at one end G1/2" outer thread at the other end.


Detial Specification: 


Application:  or 

These insulated straight pipe fittings are used on flexible metallic liquid-tight conduits and Type-B flexible, nonmetallic, liquid-tight conduits. They are used to positively bond conduits to boxes or enclosures in both wet and damp locations.