Female Flexible Conduit Connector
Female Flexible Conduit Connector

Item specifics

Fitting Type
Cap flexible conduit connector
Die casted-of zinc alloy with zinc plated on its surface.
Waterproof, protect wire safety
Surface treated
Chrome or nickel pated for a smoother surface
6 mm to 150mm or 5/16 inch to 6 inch



DPN Type Female Zinc Flexible Conduit Connector

Material: Zinc Alloy (Aluminum alloy also available)

For the connecting of flexible pipe, metal pipe or equipment  
Waterproof, protect wire safety.  
Male Straight Pipe connector, galvanized threaded type, is die casted-of zinc alloy with zinc plated on its surface.   
Can offer chrome or nickel pated for a smoother surface. 

Reliable quality  
Stable perfermance

Size: 3/8"-6" 




These insulated straight connectors are used on flexible metallic liquid-tight conduits and Type-B flexible, nonmetallic, liquid-tight conduits. They are used to positively bond conduits to boxes or enclosures in both wet and damp locations. 

Competitive Advantage: 

JIACHI’ straight connectors are designed to slip onto the conduit quickly and to grip the con-duit jacket, speeding up installation while ensuring a strong,liquid-tight seal that decreases the risk of pullouts. All com-ponents of these connectors can be easily disassembled and reused. Additionally, the included sealing washers provide liquid-tight seals when connectors are terminated in threadless openings. The heavy-duty locknuts included with every Topele liquid-tight connector ensure the continuity of the grounding. Connectors are zinc electroplated for excellent corrosion protection in damp locations.  

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+ Good Quality: ISO/UL certificate approval 

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