FA49H Explosion-Proof Safety Valve
FA49H Explosion-Proof Safety Valve

Item specifics

Suitable Medium
Water, oil, and non-corrosive liquid
Test Standard




The explosion-proof wave safety valve can eliminate the water shock & prevent water hammer. Installed in the beginning of the pipeline to prevent water hammer and protect the equipment.

The explosion proof valve is a safety valve which can eliminate the shock wave and can block the water hammer shock wave, and the product is composed of a plurality of groups of safety valves, and the function of the safety valve can not be achieved.

The exit of the product is installed in the water supply pipe and the head of civil air defense to transport medium, to block wave and wave combination, to prevent internal shock wave into the system engineering facilities, so as to eliminate the destructive shock wave, to protect the system facilities normal operation and safety protection purpose.

Under normal conditions the valve is normally open, medium normal flow, when the shock wave into the valve, the main valve to overcome the impact of spring strength, rapid closure of the shock wave in the outer end, just enter the shock wave in the wave valve under the action of the wave chamber, resolve the destructive force of shock wave, through the barrier and resolve to achieve the significance of protection.


Body, Bonnet


Cast steel, Carbon steel

Spring steel, stainless steel

Main Parameters

Nominal Pressure


Nominal Diameter


Suitable Medium

Water, oil, and other non-corrosive liquid

Suitable Temperature


Test Standard